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Inspired by Nature:
We learn from the best.

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Shaping the world and ensuring it is safe


We want to make the workplace a safer, more efficient and healthier place as well as create and shape processes. This is what shaping the world means to us. Our tools for this purpose are our creativity, our genuine proximity to our customers and our commitment to serve you as our customer extensively.

Who we are

We create safety and thereby trust. We want to help and support in order to protect and maintain people’s health. By ”making a difference” and continously improving things, we act as problem solvers and ”caretakers”: We create solutions for safety and efficiency. Our employees have the freedom to improve, change and innovate. We are open and think sustainably.

Connected to safety


Lifting heave loads, operating principles for gripping and holding, precision and efficiency in machine and tool construction: humans are part of nature, and so our technology is equally inspired by nature…







Our guide is nature

For 3.5 billion years, nature has been constantly striving for protection in solutions to ever-changing conditions through evolution.

Inspiration and teacher

This sustainable principle is our guide, both for our processes and for the development of customized solutions for our customers.
In doing so, we rely on a balanced ecosystem of innovative ideas, proven methods and, last but not least, our proximity to the customer. Bionics accompanies us on this path and is applied in the conception of new products, to expand and optimize our offer to you.