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Holistic management of Equipments. 24/7 - with all devices.

Equipment management

Your advantages of Carl Stahl equipment management at a glance

Everything in one place – clear and integrated

Everything in one place – clear and integrated


Save time and money throughout the entire product lifecycle

Increase efficiency and productivity throughout the product lifecycle


Guaranteeing security – simple and digital

Minimizing security risk – simply and digitally


What you need to consider by law when managing equipment.

1. In accordance with §14 Abs. 7 BetrSichV (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) "the employer shall ensure that the result of the examination referred to in paragraphs 1 to 4 is recorded and retained at least until the next examination. According to sentence 1, the records must at least provide information on:

  • the type of exam
  • the scope of the inspection
  • the result of the inspection

The records may also be kept in electronic form."

2. In accordance with §17 Abs. 1 BetrSichV "Records and inspection certificates shall be kept at the place of operation of the installation requiring monitoring for the entire period of use and shall be made available to the competent authority on request. They may also be kept in electronic form."

3. In addition, the employer must carry out further occupational health and safety measures, such as the risk assessment (§3 BetrSichV) or the provision of information on necessary protective measures and rules of conduct (§12 Abs 1 BetrSichV).

Carl Stahl Betriebsmittelportal

Cover these legal requirements with Carl Stahl's equipment management and get a quick overview of all relevant information about your equipment - at any time, from anywhere, adapted to your needs.

With the Carl Stahl equipment portal you can keep an eye on your equipment. The time of Excel list and folders is over.



Your advantages with equipment management by Carl Stahl

All services that your equipment needs, digitally and clearly mapped.

  • Overview of all equipment that is due for inspection and thus easy commissioning for testing
  • Mapping the complete product life cycle of an asset with the necessary steps
  • Various services such as replacement procurement or calculation of the remaining useful life are available directly on the equipment
  • Leveraging full potential with other services from Carl Stahl - purchasing, automatic assessment, labeling, Exam, Inspection documentation, Repair, Replacement

Better overview and transparency - all information directly at the equipment.

Alle Infos an einem Ort - Am Betriebsmittel
  • One solution for all: from foreman to employee. Involve everyone in the OSH process with individual authorisation at the same time.
  • Operating instructions, 3D drawings, hazard assessment, inspection documentation - all information and documents are just a click away on the digital equipment. The documents can be added to and maintained independently.
  • The features such as payload and co. are tailored to the respective sling types. If further types are missing, these can be added independently and provided with suitable features.
  • Legally compliant and unambiguous identification: There is only one unambiguous digital counterpart for each piece of equipment. This helps with the obligation to report damage and rectify defects.
  • Easy identification: any designation or number can be searched for via a full-text search to find the corresponding operating equipment.

Minimise risk and protect employees - simply, quickly and legally.

  • Good occupational safety is a competitive advantage - keep an eye on all equipment and its inspection status with the overview and never miss an inspection due date again.
  • Results documentation is provided in a legally compliant and detailed manner.
  • Immediately after completion of the inspection, all results are available online.
  • The checklist-based, manufacturer-independent inspection includes all legal requirements: Law, manufacturer and risk assessment.
  • Use weak point analyses to quickly find quality deficiencies and application errors and use them as a basis for planning employee training or regular instruction of employees as well as new acquisitions.
  • Reduce your liability risk for culpably caused production downtimes and consequences of physical injuries. Consideration of the risk assessment and other product-specific features can be stored directly on the equipment.

Increase productivity and efficiency through reduced downtime.

Steigern Sie die Produktivität durch geringere Ausfallzeiten.
  • Maximise the productive capacity of your company: See at any time when your equipment was purchased and put into operation, whether you still have spare parts in stock and to which cost centres they are assigned. Design your own work process with the Equipment portal.
  • Minimise the cost of replacement and spare parts procurement with the help of labelling and documented inspection results. This reduces operational downtimes and occupational accidents through rapid rectification of defects.
  • Frequently occurring damage can be identified to its origin.
  • Preventive occupational health and safety measures ensure that production deadlines and the company's own product quality standards are met.
  • The selection of new and appropriate machines and equipment minimises the risk and stress factors for your employees.
  • Our free support helps with questions and problems.
  • Automated inspection reminder: We take over the planning of the recurring inspection for you.

Reduce costs in the complete process - from procurement to replacement.

  • Reduce process costs through an overview of all equipments including all necessary information: You have clean documentation for all subsequent processes (e.g. the annual DIN ISO certification, the internal audit).
  • The inventory list can be used for a variety of purposes (e.g. insurance sums).
  • Use industry standard: The equipment portal is fully usable immediately without having to set development costs for your own solution.
  • Together with the service technician from Carl Stahl, select the right product qualities for the specific area of application based on the inspection results and damage patterns, and thus permanently reduce costs.
  • Important and transparent source of information for investment planning.
  • Map your individual company and cost centre structure, allowing you to find everything exactly where you need it.
  • The person in charge is always aware of problems and deficiencies in OSH and can instruct the executing managers to set standards and decide on investments.
  • Initial recording and labelling is already possible upon delivery. This means that your equipment is available in the equipment portal as soon as it arrives on site.

No more paper chaos - 100% digital, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Kein Papier Chaos mehr - 100% digital, von überall jederzeit erreichbar.
  • You have access to all inspection results at any time without paper chaos - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Thanks to access via browser, the user does not have to install anything on the computer. They can simply log in and already have all the functions at their disposal.
  • Access all information quickly and reliably from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • The portal can be used without training thanks to its intuitive user interface.
  • Thanks to full-text search, you can immediately find the information you need, no matter what you are looking for.
  • With intelligent labelling via QR codes, even a camera-enabled mobile phone is sufficient to access the most important info directly without logging in: the last inspection and, for example, the operating instructions.
  • Free access for all employees to documents with detailed product information can improve communication within the company.
  • The solution is constantly being further developed through free regular updates.

Secure storage of your data. DSGVO-compliant and within Germany.

  • Multi-secured servers in Germany protect your data from environmental influences and hacker attacks
  • Numerous certifications and support systems of the servers a failure almost impossible.
  • With individual roles for each user, you determine yourself which employee can edit what or only read what.
  • The release of individual areas to selected users is no problem thanks to an individual rights system. This way, each user only has access to what he needs for his work.
  • Agree legal retention periods and personal data protection: The legal requirements are of course taken into account in our solution and always complied with.
  • All documents that you, as the person responsible for occupational health and safety, have to keep carefully are stored directly online on the equipment and are permanently available.
  • We carry out regular security updates. This keeps your data safe.

Mobile apps for stand-alone inspections and inventories.

Mobile Apps für eigenständige Prüfungen und Inventuren.
  • With the Inspection App access to all equipments
  • Carry out manufacturer inspections or independent inspections on your equipment
  • One database - all results are immediately online and also available in the portal.
  • Carry out inventories quickly, efficiently and mobilely with the Inventory App
  • Call up the inventory list directly in the portal with one click.

More than 10,000 customers already successfully rely on Carl Stahl's equipment management.

Rely on the solution that our customers trust. For more information, please contact us:



Other functions of our equipment management at a glance

  • Independent of industry and manufacturer - all equipment can be managed
  • Set up the portal individually for you with your Carl Stahl contact person
  • Access all functions and standards developed over many years from day 1
  • Confusion-free labelling
  • Store acquisition and commissioning data
  • Product-specific features and individual equipment types
  • Simple, intuitive use without high training costs
  • Checklist-based testing by the Carl Stahl testing service
  • Legally compliant inspection documentation
  • Independent and external testing e.g. manufacturer testing possible
  • Lean spare and replacement parts procurement
  • All inspection procedures can be mapped in one system
  • RFID- or barcode-supported inspection process
  • GDPR-compliant authorisation concept
  • Continuous further development of all components
  • Distribute and manage users and rights independently
  • Without restrictions regarding the number of system users
  • Your basis for communication with Carl Stahl

Gain insight into the equipment portal.

Take a look at the help center at and take advantage of the insight into our documentation from equipment portal to administration (backend) and mobile apps. You are also welcome to watch the introductory videos to get a better impression of the functions.

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How does the data get into the equipment portal?

You have the following options for this:

  • Option 1: As part of the annual inspection of the equipment by the Carl Stahl service technician.
  • Option 2: Initial recording and labelling of the equipment already upon delivery (only for equipment from Carl Stahl)
  • Option 3: The customer checks the data himself or commissions a third party to do so. These enter the data into the portal themselves with the corresponding rights.
  • Option 4: Outside of the annual inspections, the customer himself records the data for a piece of equipment and saves it in the portal.
  • Option 5: Carl Stahl will import your data for you. Contact us to use the import service.