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Sophisticated, collective and permanent: Barrial® safety railings and corridor systems for contemporary prevention on flat roofs.
The flat roof has become an important resource: Available flat roof areas increasingly serve as usable spaces in the form of greened flat roof terraces and as locations for e.g. building services, air conditioning, lightning protection and solar systems.
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Modern Crane systems - what to know
Cranes are complex, and as a result there are many different standards depending on the application.
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Maximum safety when working at height thanks to innovative fall protection systems
Falls from elevated workplaces are among the most frequent causes of fatal occupational accidents in Germany, according to BG BAU
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Innovative climbing technology for more safety in the workplace
Ladders, steps and scaffolds are indispensable in many work situations.
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The use of exoskeletons in the workplace
The technological findings and research in the field of exoskeletons are still novel today and therefore still at the beginning of future possibilities.
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Crane operating training
A must for safety in operation
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Secure and efficient workflow for round material
The new, revolutionary and universal load carrier system makes intralogistics and lean concepts faster, leaner and safer.
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Jung hydraulics
If conventional slings or load suspension equipment can not be used
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