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We are there for you regionally - at 22 locations in Germany

Customer proximity and personal expert advice are part of our company's DNA. Over 100 highly trained specialist advisors at 22 locations in Germany accompany you throughout the entire product life cycle. The safety of our customers, their employees and their work processes is the purpose of our actions. We always strive for trusting, excellent and long-term relationships that offer our customers sustainable and lasting benefits and added value and are not driven by short-term profit maximisation.

This enables us to offer you customised workplace solutions - for more safety, ergonomics and efficiency. We work innovatively and constantly rethink our processes and products to find sustainable solutions that will still be valid tomorrow.

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We solve problems along the complete product life cycle

For an entrepreneur, the efficiency of his operational processes is essential and has a direct influence on the entrepreneurial success. At the same time, the entrepreneur as operator bears the responsibility for the safety of his workforce. It is not always easy to reconcile the two. Therefore, it is an advantage for every entrepreneur to be able to rely on experts. The consultants at Carl Stahl are experts when it comes to customised workplace solutions for more safety, efficiency and ergonomics. We have been proving this for over 100 years.


We see ourselves as problem solvers rather than product sellers. Personal dialogue and proximity to our customers are very important to us. For this reason, the Carl Stahl sales network in Germany has been continuously expanded in recent years. The Carl Stahl technical consultants accompany you throughout the entire product life cycle. Our expertise ranges from planning to the start of the project, the construction phase and assembly, commissioning, application training and specialist seminars, inspecting and product optimisation. In order to meet this challenge, the Carl Stahl consultants draw on a network of other experts and act independently of manufacturers. This means that we can always offer you the optimum solution for your needs.

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Broad product portfolio of renowned partners

Produktvielfalt von Carl Stahl entdecken

We realise all this with a broad portfolio of product solutions from renowned partners as well as a very extensive portfolio of services. No matter how you choose to enter the Carl Stahl world, you will always benefit from excellent expertise.

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Use our expertise to protect your employees and improve your operational efficiency.

Process consulting, analysis and optimisation

Our expert advisors are able to analyse complex tasks and develop solutions to overcome them. They can help diagnose and rectify errors, identify weak points and make suggestions for improvements. You will be guided by potential partners from process consulting to process analysis and process optimisation. Through this, you can improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen your competitiveness.

Empowerment of your employees and advice on ergonomics

But that's not all. We also support you in the empowerment and health of your employees. Whether it is training your employees in the use of new products, the prescribedyearly instruction, appropriate training in the form of a Seminars, or advice on ergonomics at the workplace. Your employees' knowledge of hazards and the Application of your operating resources grows. This increases process reliability and prevents misapplications with serious consequences.

Comply with legal requirements and corporate duties

We provide you with full support in the fulfilment of your entrepreneurial duties. We will be happy to advise you on the assessment of your processes and the associated legal requirements. Should you require assistance with the preparation of the corresponding Risk assessments or require specialist knowledge about your processes and systems, our expert advisors are there to help you in word and deed. Challenge us. We support you as an efficient partner in all matters relating to lifting technology and occupational safety. So get in touch with us today and benefit from our experience tomorrow.

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