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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik launches digital supply chain services platform
Anyone who thinks that the topic of digitalisation is only something for the big players in the industry is mistaken.
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We welcome our new trainees!
Training is an investment in the future of young people and the company.
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Carl Stahl belongs to "Germany's digital hidden champions"
The F.A.Z.-Institut, a company of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", together with the Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung (Institute for Management and Economic Research) has investigated which companies are leading in the field of digital competence.
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Specialist seminars even in times of Corona (service only available in Germany)
Since the outbreak of the pandemic caused by the Corona virus, nothing seems the same as it was. Whether we will return to the time before the crisis after the exit is questionable.
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The new Carl Stahl catalogues are available
They are an indispensable guide for more safety and ergonomics in companies: The Carl Stahl Direct Catalogue and the Carl Stahl Occupational Safety and Fall Protection Catalogue.
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Zero-eight 12 instead of 0815 - Carl Stahl Süd GmbH at the job event in Taufkirchen
By no means 0815 was the job event on 5 February in Taufkirchen near Munich.
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Carl Stahl at the 51st Training Week of the Austrian Master Woodworkers and Carpenters - A trade fair report
ALPBACH. For one week at the beginning of the year, numerous master carpenters devote themselves to further training, the meeting point for this has been the Alpbach Congress Centre for many years.
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Carl Stahl at the "Stuzubi" student fair in Munich - A follow-up report
Economic conurbations such as the Greater Munich area regularly offer local companies trade fairs at which they can present themselves as attractive employers for future junior staff.
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