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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik receives another award
When it comes to purchasing decisions, it is less facts and more emotions that determine the perception of brands.
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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik awarded the Deutschlandtest seal "Digital Champions 2023"
Digitalization is advancing rapidly. Companies have to deal with the topic of digization more and more.
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Carl Stahl develops load handling device configurator
Quickly and easily design and visualize load handling devices
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Best Practice Partner 2022 - Carl Stahl Hebetechnik receives award of Staufen AG
Lean and store floor management - that's cold coffee and only for mass production?
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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik awarded the "Digital pioneer 2022" seal of approval
In Germany, too, the pandemic has shown how important digitization is.
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Carl Stahl Hebetechnik awarded the "Digital Champions 2022" seal of approval
The "Digital Champions" 2022 study was commissioned by Focus Money and Deutschland Test and carried out by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research with scientific support from the HWWI.
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Carl Stahl is one of "Germany's fairest companies 2022"
When people talk about fairness, the first thing that comes to mind for many is fairness from the customer's point of view. Consumers generally feel they are treated fairly when they receive competent customer service and high product quality at a fair price.
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Award for outstanding training performance
High-quality and versatile training has always been a high priority at the Carl Stahl Group.
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