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Improve safety and workflows with special lifting clamps for sandwich panels

Transport of sandwich panels

What are sandwich panels?

Was sind Sandwichpaneele

The term sandwich panels is commonly understood to mean the combination of interior cladding, supporting structure and exterior cladding with an insulating layer to form a building element. Sandwich panels usually consist of two profiled steel sheets between which an insulating layer made of PUR/PIR or other materials is inserted. Sandwich panels are available in versions for installation on roofs and walls. They are available with different core thicknesses and countless surface structures.

What are the challenges in handling sandwich panels?

Due to the enormous variety of different shapes, designs, material thicknesses and surfaces of sandwich panels, their handling is also made more difficult. Although they are rather lightweight compared to other construction elements, the handling of sandwich panels should nevertheless only be carried out with an aid because of the safety of people and material. This is especially true if the person attaching or detaching the load has to enter the area at risk of falling and is not wearing PPEgA (personal protective equipment against falls from a height). Due to their construction and coated surface, the sandwich panels must not be damaged during transport and handling on the construction site. Depending on the size of the building, sandwich panels can quickly cover several square metres. This also makes them susceptible to wind. Nevertheless, the panels must be laid quickly and cost-efficiently at the installation site. A contradiction? Not at all.

This leaves only two solutions for gripping the sandwich panels directly. For example, with a lifting clamp. But a classic sheet metal clamp (also called a lifting clamp) is not suitable for this. They either clamp too tightly and thus crush the panels, scratch the surface with the gripping jaws or have only a limited, often non-adjustable gripping range. For this reason, Carl Stahl has developed the safety sheet clamp type CGSMVS especially for the vertical transport of sandwich panels.

CGSMVS Safety sheet metal clamp from Carl Stahl

The CGSMVS Safety Sheet Clamp for lifting, turning and laying sandwich panels

CGSMVS Sicherheitsblechklemme CGSMVS SicherheitsblechklemmeCGSMVS Sicherheitsblechklemme

With the CondorGrip sheet metal clamp CGSMVS you have the perfect device for lifting sandwich panels. The sheet metal clamp is available in two versions with different grip areas:

CGSMVS 30.00 mm - 120.00 mm CGSMVS 120.00 mm - 240.00 mm

These advantages speak for the safety sheet metal clamp CGSMVS

Sicherheitsblechklemme CGSMVS Vorteile
  • Gentle: The PUR soft gripping jaws of the clamp are coated to prevent scratching of the panel surface.
  • Suitable: The sheet metal clamps are available in two versions, suitable for small and larger panels. A simple adjustment mechanism allows the clamp to be set to any panel thickness.
  • Powerful: You can lift up to 250 kg with a CGSMVS safety panel clamp. The contact pressure is based on the weight of the panel thanks to a lever action. The positive-locking lifting ensures additional safety during the lifting process.
  • Uncomplicated: The clamps can be easily attached to the sandwich panels. In addition, the jaws can also be easily replaced.
  • Variable: 3 different types of gripper jaws: H-WALL 8-shaft, H-WALL 10 trapezoid and FISCHER-THERM D 120-160
Transport von Sandwichpaneelen

Use the sheet clamps for lifting, turning and laying sandwich panels. Thanks to this innovative technology, you no longer have to make do with improvised constructions of your own, which are usually unsafe and rarely deliver the desired result. Our lifting clamps are safe to use, sustainable and, last but not least, cost-efficient due to the materials used, their durability and years of practical experience.


Ask your personal advisor about the possible uses of the CSGMVS safety sheet metal clamp and whether it is suitable for your application:

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Alternatives to the safety plate clamp

The alternative to the safety sheet metal clamp are vacuum lifting devices. Vacuum lifting devices require an energy source (power connection or battery operation) that permanently maintains the low pressure. Transporting by hand is usually not possible due to the high dead weight. The price for purchase and maintenance is in the upper price range. The advantage of vacuum lifters becomes apparent when installing wall panels. The panels are only sucked in on one side and can therefore be positioned more easily.

Vacuum lifting devices from Carl Stahl

FAQ: Transport of sandwich panels

Who is the CGSMVS safety sheet clamp for handling sandwich panels suitable for?

The main target groups are above all building construction companies and installation companies that are commissioned to lay sandwich panels.

Why not use other attachment options for sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels do not have classic attachment points - such as eyelets or loops. It is therefore not possible to attach the panel directly. In practice, round slings are often used. However, attaching them to the load is time-consuming and involves a safety risk. The CGSMVS, on the other hand, is quick and easy to attach, clamps the panel securely and is safely connected to the sling via the large oval ring.

Finally, the specific clamps also help you to increase your efficiency. As the clamps have been specifically designed for this purpose, fitting is uncomplicated and quick. This also applies to other types of load: at Carl Stahl you will find for example, also safety clamps for handling traffic signs.

What types of sandwich panels can be transported with the CGSMVS safety sheet clamp from Carl Stahl?

With the CGSMVS, the user can lift and transport any form of sandwich panel. The gripping range of the panel clamp can be easily changed. Thanks to the possibility of exchanging the gripping jaws and thus adapting them to the type of panel, the clamp always fits precisely on the different profiles. The user only has to make sure to use the sheet metal clamp with the correct gripping range. At Carl Stahl, the user can find safety sheet clamps for sandwich panels with a thickness of 30 to 120 millimetres and for a thickness of 120 to 240 millimetres.

If the sandwich panels exceed the length of five metres, we recommend combining two clamps. This way you guarantee that the load is well secured.

What is the safety sheet metal clamp CGSMVS not suitable for?

The safety sheet metal clamp CGSMVS was specially developed for handling sandwich panels. Its large adjustable gripping range and coated gripping jaws make it the ideal solution. Due to its characteristics, the CGSMVS is not suitable for transporting sheet metal or steel constructions. Carl Stahl offers an extensive portfolio of various sheet metal clamps for these areas of application.

Sheet metal clamps from Carl Stahl

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