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Legal requirements, economic efficiency and shortage of skilled labour

Legal requirements, economic efficiency and skills shortage

Occupational safety depends to a large extent on the training and skills of people. The proper and professional handling of work equipment reduces the risk of accidents. Because dangers lurk in many places in the workplace. A lack of safety precautions or ignorance have repeatedly led to incidents in the past. The responsibility for preventing such accidents lies primarily with the employer. They have to ensure adequate occupational safety.
The easiest way to do this is through regular training sessions in which all employees are made aware of the dangers associated with their work and measures are taken to prevent accidents. Anchored in the Arbeitsschutzgesetz and in the Berufsgenossenschaftliche Vorschriften, these instructions are more than just a suggestion. The knowledge required or assumed has increased more and more, making it increasingly difficult for the employer to keep an eye on all aspects. However, employers can use this as an opportunity to reduce the error rate in the use of equipment through basic training and thus sustainably increase the efficiency and reliability of your production.

In addition to the legal requirements, the aspect of further training is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of a shortage of skilled labour. The specialist seminars at Carl Stahl are led by experts from the field and participants gain a comprehensive insight into the respective specialist area of rope, lifting, safety and slinging technology. This not only enables the employee to meet the legal requirements in the individual specialist area, but also expands their own know-how and thus the company's wealth of knowledge and is able to set completely new impulses and optimise processes. At the same time, neighbouring areas can be better developed by broadening expertise. At the same time, employee loyalty is strengthened through further training and employees feel valued. In this way, you can counteract staff turnover and prevent a shortage of skilled labour with the help of specialist seminars.

Specialist seminars in the fields of rope, lifting, safety and slinging technology

Specialist seminars in the fields of rope, lifting, safety and slinging technology

Carl Stahl has been a reliable partner for many years when it comes to organising training, qualifications, courses or product instruction. An average of 1,000 interested parties take part in the seminars every year. Either in one of our training centres or on site at the customer's premises. They are trained by expert speakers from the field of scientific and technical practice on all aspects of rope, lifting, safety and slinging technology in line with the latest findings.

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As a participant, you will receive up-to-date insider information and practical instructions. A sound basis that will have a profitable impact on your company's business processes. All specialist seminars are attractive, practical and lively. Participants cannot expect a tired recitation of regulations, but rather presentations with samples, instructional films, graphic presentations and products and examples from practice. We also show "negative examples" to raise safety awareness even more.


Seminars in the field of personal protective equipment against falls from a height

Carl Stahl Training Centre Singen

At our location in Singen, we also have a modern PPE training centre with a highly qualified team of trainers. The training at the Carl Stahl Training Centre Singen for fall protection can be tailored to your individual needs.

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For example, it is possible to train access and rescue when working at heights and depths in various situations. The training centre also has a complete climbing system with fixed ladders, a "climbing structure", a roof truss, an abseiling wall and two shaft systems. The special thing about PPE training at Carl Stahl is that it is carried out by specialists with practical experience. They are not only trainers, but also solve complex tasks in the field of fall protection and working at height for our customers on a daily basis.

Find below the various areas in which you can deepen and expand your expertise:

Seminar content based on the current legal regulations

The seminar content is based on the current laws and regulations to be observed, such as the DGUV (German Health and Accident Insurance). It is therefore often advisable to refresh your specialist knowledge to ensure that the equipment is used correctly.

This can be illustrated by the annual inspection of slings for discard maturity, in which the course content is designed to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can fulfil your operator obligations in accordance with the law:

  • What protective measures apply? What rules of behaviour?
  • How must an inspection be carried out and what must be taken into account during an inspection?
  • When does testing have to take place?
  • What are the requirements for the examination?
  • How is the audit documented in a legally compliant manner?


In the seminars, participants receive an all-round overview of the respective topic, explained by experts in interactive, practical examples, so that no questions remain unanswered afterwards.