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Carl Stahl Integrated Services – the new kind of occupational safety

Integrated Services
A list of your material assets

Reduce process costs thanks to an overview of all resources

Cloud-based inspection result management

You can access the data at any time and manage operating materials yourself. Text as well as images and even videos (on request) can be stored.

Direct provision of transparent result documentation with legal certainty

You have flawless documentation at hand for any follow-up processes (e.g. the annual DIN ISO certification, the internal inspection). The inventory list can be used for various purposes (e.g. insurance amount calculation)

Cost Reduction
Initial acceptance and marking is possible upon delivery

Initial acceptance is not required. The product is already listed in your operating material database upon delivery.

Weak point analysis

Based on the inspection results and our consultation, you can analyse weak points in product selection and/or product application. This allows you to carry out (cost) optimisation.

A comprehensive system for the digital registration of operating materials that are subject to inspections

Since the system is entirely manufacturer-independent, it is completely open, including everything from marking to determining which products can be integrated.

Manufacturer-independent inspection with checklists based on law / manufacturer / risk assessment 

All inspections in your company are carried out based on identical and, most importantly, current requirements. Once specifications have been assigned, they are reliably incorporated in the inspection.

Process Optimisation
Automated inspection reminders

We will take care of planning your recurring inspection process deadline.

Optimised replacement and spare part procurement

Markings and documented inspection results significantly reduce follow-up processes when it comes to procurement efforts.

RFID or bar code-based inspection process

The products arre unambiguously identifiable in the long term and you can allocate them easily using your own read devices.

Integrated Services – quickly and easily explained

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Integrated Services – a case example

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Chipster - The smart RFID-solution

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Integrted Services
Integrted Services
Integrted Services
Integrted Services
Integrted Services

Marking, identification, inspection and documentation all rolled into one. this is how we do service.

1unmistakable marking

Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services offers the perfect solution for marking all operating materials in your company in an unambiguous and unmistakable way: state-of-the-art RFID transponder technology such as Chipster, nameplates with serial numbers or bar codes. We can mark products purchased from Carl Stahl ex works. These products are then directly inventoried in your future digital inspection directory. This allows you to save time when assessing the products and documenting the commissioning process.

2Clear identification

The unambiguous and unmistakable marking (RFID, bar code, serial number) clearly identifies your operating materials with the use of mobile assistance devices such as the multi-functional Scenter. After the successful identification, the service technicians from Carl Stahl can see all relevant information for the operating material on their tablet.

3checklist-based inspection

All manufacturer specifications, legal regulations as well as customer-specific inspection criteria form the basis of the manufacturer-independet, checklist-based assembly inspection. Customer-specific inspection criteria include the results from the risk assessment of technical operating materials which you, the owner/operator, have carried out yourself. Our service technicians go through the checklist item by item and offer a final recommendation for continued operation. The checklists are always up-to-date and ensure consistent inspection quality on the highest possible level and thus fulfil the requirements of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

4documentation with legal certainty

As a final step, you receive the corresponding inspection certificate for each inspected operating material to ensure documentation with legal certainty. We can also save the inspection results in our cloud-based database, which allows you to view them at any time. An automated reminder for upcoming inspection deadlines for previously inspected or newly purchased Carl Stahl products allow you to spend more time on other operational tasks.

5Replacement and spare part procurement

  • The detailed documentation with legal certainty provides information about necessary repairs and overhaul measures.
  • Replacement and spare part procurement can be initiated during the inspection. This ensures smooth operation.
  • The new inspection process is SAP-based, which means that structured data volumes from third-party systems already in use can be imported. From a technical point of view, the need to continue using your old systems no longer exists.


Business operator

The responsibilites of a business operator include organising, implementing and monitoring occupational safety measures in the areas of technology, organisation and personnel.

In the area of technology, the business operator is responsible for workplace equipment as well as proper maintenance of work equipment (tools, devices, machines and systems).

Additional areas of responsibility include the area of organisation and the correct selection and monitoring of qualified personnel. The latter not only requires the business operator to take responsibility for the qualifications of their own employees but also to select and monitor service providers with the same level of diligence.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for business operators
  • The business operator has access to the high level of transparency they need for all work equipment. The obligation of the business operator to organise (obligation to inspect and monitor safety-related inspecions, for example) can be fulfilled quickly.
  • Taking risk assessments into consideration during the inspection process (which is required by law), reduces liability risks for the business operator and, moreover, allows delegated employees to put occupational safety measures into practice.
  • Documents, such as risk assessments, operating instructions, safety data sheets and the hazardous substance directory, which the business operator must store carefully (as the responsible person for occupational safety), are now assigned to the individual operating materials and directly viewable in the Carl Stahl service portal. The documents can be managed by the company in a flexible way.
  • Recommended measures for a specific operating material (following an inspection and outlined by the Carl Stahl service technician) can be identified and analysed immediately. The business operator can determine improvement measures and work instructions as necessary.
  • The responsible person is always up-to-date on possible problems and shortcomings regarding occupational safety and can instruct the executive management staff, set benchmarks and make decisions regarding possible investments.
“As a business operator, I greatly benefit from Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services. It allows me, as the person in charge of safety in my company, to view all processes in a transparent way at all times.”


Purchasing agents procure operating materials which are necessary for carrying out production processes and which are appropriate to age and the ageing process. As part of their job, they evaluate the quality of products and services from commissioned service providers and therefore manage the procurement chain process actively.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for the purchasing department
  • Integrated Services designates all operating materials unambiguously, marks them with product-specific characteristics and assigns them to the company’s cost centres.
  • The quick product identification process makes the entire procurement process easier. The pre-defined prices, payment and delivery conditions as well as information about current delivery times reduce the duration of procurement processes.
  • Deliveries of high-quality spare parts and the provision of manufacturer-specific maintenance measures can thus be safeguarded quickly and traceably.
  • Optional follow-up processes, such as inventory checks and replacement purchases witht particular specifications (e.g. budget or deadline requirements), can be implemented individually with pre-defined procurement roles in a flexible way thanks to Integrated Services.
  • The content and extent (of services such as an annual inspection, for example), which Integrated Services makes tangible, reduce time-consuming quantity, time and price planning processes and make the life of a purchasing agent much easier.
  • The strategic selection of the right product qualities for specific fields of application is an important tool for long-term cost reduction. The inspection results and damage analysis carried out by Integrated Services make this kind of strategic selection possible.
“Procurement processes must run in a way that is lean and efficient. This is exactly why I, as a purchasing agent, benefit greatly from Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services. The pre-defined prices, payment and delivery conditions, based on Integrated Services’ quick product identification, reduce procurement efforts to a minimum.”


Controlling department employees compile key performance indicators for corporate decisions and take on planning, controlling and coordination tasks.

They develop methods regarding the legal safeguarding, performance assessment and improvements of preventive occupational safety measures.

One of the most important tasks of a Controlling department is its function as an information centre which, for example, determines and assesses material assets. This is an important factor when determining insurance amounts.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for the controlling department
  • Integrated Services partially creates required documentation of measures for improving occupational safety and contributes to fulfilling the documentation obligation of the company in accordance with Section 6 of the German Health and Safety Act.
  • The Controlling department thus provides a certain level of legal protection for the tasks and responsibilities of management staff.
  • Moreover, the time of purchase or commissioning can be documented quickly and easily.
  • Only a few steps are necessary to receive an overview of the production pool (the quantity of the operational materials in use) as well as of related planned follow-up costs and exceptional expenses during the service life of a product.
  • The comprehensive, user-friendly and cloud-based Integrated Services system provides users with transparent results documentation with legal security and increases speed and flexibillity when it comes to organising their work. Flawless documentation is now available for follow-up processes at all times.
  • Integrated Services not only provides the basis for determining the total cost of ownership but also serves as an important and transparent source of information for future investment planning.
“As part of the Controlling department, I am in charge of key performance indicators. Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services offer me the perfect basis for playing my part when it comes to occupational safety.”

Plant managers, department managers, foremen

Operational management personnel upholds responsibility and legal obligation for employees and their safety at work and they have the authority to instruct these employees.

In the area of organisation, they take over the obligations of the business operator, put delegated measures and instructions into practice and monitor their implementation. They report defects and ensure that the affected area is secured and the defect remedied. Extent and limits of the level of authority determine the range of responsibilities.

Their tasks include creating risk assessments and operating instructions as well as training users.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for plant managers, department managers or foremen
  • The unambiguous and long-term marking, classification and registration of operating materials as part of Integrated Services helps management personnel fulfil their reporting obligation for defects as well as remedying these defects.
  • Training sessions for users or regular instructions for employees, device optimisation as well as procurement of new items can be strategically initiated after evaluating the weak point analysis.
  • The ability of customers to freely define the extent of the inspection gives them the flexibility to determine the framework of the inspection process themselves.
  • The unmistakable identification of operating materials ensures correct and fast spare parts supply. Maintenance work that is carried out quickly and professionally minimises the number of work-related accidents and business interruptions and maximises thhe productive operational capabilities of the company.
  • Preventive occupational safety measures ensure that production deadlines are met and the company’s production quality standards are upheld.
  • The resource overview in Integrated Services’ web portal always provides information about the variety and operational readiness of the company’s operating materials and about when it is time for the next inspection.
  • The user can also manage operating materials actively. Customers can record activities and status information for operating materials themselves in a change log. Another function allows them to store product images and documents independently.
  • The Integrated Services information system allows users to manage their operating materials and thus provides everyone involved in occupational safety processes with information about the status of the operating materials in a way that is always up-to-date and transparent.
  • Integrated Services helps reduce the level of civil liability of management personnel which bears reliability in case of damaged operating materials, production downtime caused by fault and, in principle, for consequences of injuries.
“Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services is a helpful tool in my work as an operational manager when it comes to daily communication with my employees on the topic of occupational safety.”

Safety specialists

Safety specialists advise the business operator, department manager, plant manager and the foremen. They support management personnel and safety representatives, particularly by reporting identified defects, carrying out safety-related inspections, encouraging safety-conscious behaviour and collaborating with everyone involved.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for safety specialists
  • The operating systems must be viewed and monitored repeatedly and carefully to ensure conditions that comply with safety standards at all times. Detecting defects and recommending measures addressing these defects is now incredibly easy for defective operating materials in use, which have been inspected by Carl Stahl.
  • The checklist-based assembly inspection of an operating material lists any result that deviates from the target state of the inspected object and records deviations in the individual inspection certificate.
  • A weak point analysis of the functional location is a quick way for safety specialists to detect quality defects and/or application errors of devices and tools in use.
  • Frequently occurring defects can be retraced to their point of origin and the selection of new and appropriate machines and devices minimises risk and stress factors for the employees.
  • Continuously improving work station equipment and process organisation (such as repeated instructions for users), with the help of Integrated Services, increases safety and protects the health of employees.
“My job as a safety specialist includes offering advice when shortcomings have been detected. A weak point analysis carried out by Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services helps me fulfil this task completely.“

quality management

Quality managers design and organise workflows, optimise communication structures, standardise certain work processes and check standards for products and services.

They take responsibility for documentation and provide consultations regarding necessary equipment and the design of workstations.

The key task of the Quality Management department is to fill the information systems and documentation platforms of the company with content and to create required documents or control them.

Integrated Services provides these benefits and assurances for the quality managent department
  • The responsible person for a workplace has direct access to the individual inspection certificates with legal security in Carl Stahl’s service portal. Inter-department documents can be viewed in the self-service portal of Integrated Services and additional information can be added and maintained in a transparent way.
  • Quality managers can add their own documents for workplaces and operating materials and can select between different document classes.
  • All employees have free access to documents with detailed product information. This not only improves communication within a company but also minimises effort and response times in case of follow-up process such as during DIN ISO certification processes and internal inspections.
“Thanks to Carl Stahl’s Integrated Services in the portal solution, I can add my own documents for work stations and operating materials as a quality manager.”

occupational safety is teamwork.

There are many good reasons why you should make occupational safety one of the top priorities of your company.

  • Work-related accidents and deseases create high expenses for any company.
    Businesses often underestimate follow-up costs for accidents.
  • Accidents at work interrupt operation.
    The unfinished work must be completed by colleagues in overtime or replacement staff must be hired at considerable rates. Work quality often decreases. Deadlines must be postponed. Orders cannot be completed.
  • Occupational safety is legal obligation.
    The successful handling of and compliance with the obligations of the business operator increase the level of legal certainty and helps avoid liability risks.
  • A high level of occupational safety provides a competitive advantage.
    A high occupational safety standard is a selection criterion for many customers during the contract award process.
  • Health is the most valuable asset for any human being.
    Any type of work-related accident or desease causes personal suffering, often with serious and lifelong consequences for the affected person and their family. Medical rehabilitation takes a lot of time and money.
Integrated Services
Integrated Services is the technological support you need for your company’s occupational safety processes.